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Clean nature


Nature Play & Sustainable Development


valid for 72 hours

6 4 



per session

individule session

equivalent to 6.41 or 4.28 USD, dependent on your bank's exchange rate


Keynote Speech

The more high-tech we become, the more we need nature

Natural education casts the shining soul of children

Nature leads education back to the essence by another route

Nature-based Environment

Nature-based Learning

Setting Story

Designing a joyful environment for young children

The practice of kindergarten outdoor design and ecological construction 

How to create nature that children wants

Wisdom, Body and Senses - Barefoot children

Beyond Words: Create an enabling mark-making environment outdoors

Foster a calmer, more focused community of learners

Learn STEM in early nature play

Build a River with Children in the School

Woods Across the Road: Nature-based Waldorf Setting in Beijing

The Story of A Goose and Children in Our Setting

The Story of A Goose and Children in Our Setting

Nature and expressive art for young children