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Dr Huan Chen

Dr Huan Chen has been involved in early years education for over 10 years. Her doctorate research investigated the history of government intervention in the childcare and education market in England.

She is dedicated to promoting play and nature-based pedagogy in China actively through academic research and social media. She translated two inspiring books: Nature and Young Children: Encouraging Creative Play and Learning in Natural Environment by Ruth Wilson, and Can I Go and Play Now by Greg Bottrill. Her WeChat blog has over 23k followers, with 85k readership for the most popular post.


Dr Huan Chen


May (MEIXI YAN) is currently working with us as a part-time assistant.


She is a postgraduate student who majored in Early Years Education and has volunteer working experience in a Post-disaster Reconstruction Primary School and a Lhasa-Tibet Middle School. She also worked for a Chengdu Waldorf nursery school where she found her deep passion and fascinations with nature-based education. 

Her favourite quote is 'All answers are in great nature', by Antoni Gaudi.



Back to nature · Back to life

Early Education International Academy (EYIA) is founded by Dr Huan Chen. We are committed to helping children enjoy the magic of childhood and achieve the best development by embracing nature around them.


We believe nature is the 'natural habitat' (Ruth Wilson, 2020) of children. The time immersed in nature not only nourishes the soul of children but also satisfies their never-ending curiosity. With the support of sensitive, warm and enthusiastic adults, children can not only find a path to know themselves but also experience the inner connection with the world and understand the greater existence than themselves. A childhood full of magic, wonder, reflection and spirituality will never pass away in memory. It will accompany children throughout their

lives and become the source of happiness, joy, care, creation and imagination.

We believe life long learning is the only way to become a true educator. All adults working with children should understand the science of the brain, the importance of emotional wellbeing. They must know how to cultivate a kind and independent spirit, how to embrace the 'un-teaching' moment. Most importantly, they should embrace the magic of play and connect to the wonder of childhood and nature.


If you haven't found your joy of teaching in play and daily life, we invite you to join our journey, liberating each other to understand that, within human nature, we all hold the tools to create a childhood for our next generation that inspires a love of learning.

Our Tillage Analogy


Our connection to nature roots deeply in our childhood. 

Mother nature is universal and we love people who recognise her.

The Tillage Pedagogy is not ONE approach in ONE culture.

It's about linking back to your childhood and your connection with nature.

photo by Huan


The essence of the  Tillage Pedagogy is to nurture a natural landscape,

which is the only true continuous provision you provide to children.

The process of tillage cultivates children's responsibility to be part of the cycle,

and form a community and commitment all year-round to celebrate festivals of all culture.

photo by Huan


The Tillage Approach fully respect nature as children's natural habitat. 

It supports children's holistic learning and development in a much richer way than any human teacher can achieve. 

The magic of nature is there to support mindfulness, sense of belonging, daydreaming, curiosity, healthy living, deep learning and endless opportunities.

photo by Huan


photo by Huan