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Walking in Nature

2nd international conference on 

Early Childhood Education and Care

2022 Nature-Based Early Childhood Education and Care
International Conference

Nature Play and Sustainable Development

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How can environmental sustainability be viewed as a broad pedagogical approach to creating environments and experiences that, on the one hand, promote young children's learning and development, and on the other hand, foster their sense of purpose in maintaining and improving their natural and social environments? How can children grow up to be responsible and responsible citizens of the planet without placing heavy environmental issues on their shoulders?

In order to deepen the discussion on these issues, the conference gathered 15 scholars and educators to answer these questions from different perspectives.

Why Join the 2022 NBECEC International Conference?

  • The speakers are highly acclaimed and accomplished academics and educators.

  • Uncover new thinking and learn new perspectives about children and nature.

  • Discover unique nature-based practices in China, UK and America.

  • Bilingual subtitles are available.

  • Watch the content at any time that suits you.

  • CPD certificate to evidence your professional development.

Who Attends the NBECEC International Conference?

The event is attended by early years educators and managers who are interested in or already bring nature into their daily practice, as well as representatives of for-profit and non-profit organizations, research institutions, and government agencies. 


Voice with leadership

How to create natural
environment that children need

How nature support children's well-being and learning

Nature-based practice
of leading settings in China

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Richard Louv

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
The More High-tech We Become, The More We Need Nature

Richard Louv is an American non-fiction author and journalist. He is best known for his seventh book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder (first published in 2005 by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill), which investigates the relationship of children and the natural world in current and historical contexts.

"For every day of loneliness we endure, we'll spend a day in communion with the life around us until the loneliness passes away."

                                                                —— Richard Louv, 2022 NBECEC international conference

NBECEC speaker
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Sandra Duncan

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
Designing a Joyful Environment for Young Children

Dr. Duncan has extensive experience in working with young children and parents, teaching at the university level, designing and writing professional development programs for practitioners, and authoring several teacher resource books including Inspiring Spaces for Young Children and Rating Observation Scale for Inspiring Environments (ROSIE)

"Indeed, we must create emotion and joy. We must infuse it into our childhood environment. The question is how. How do we do that?"

                                                            —— Sandra Duncan, 2022 NBECEC international conference

Claire Warden

截屏2022-09-07 17.55.37.png

Claire Warden

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
Beyond Words: Create an Enabling Mark-making Environment Outdoors

Dr. Claire Warden is an author of many books and materials relating to early years methodology. These include The Potential of a Puddle, Talking and Thinking Floorbooks, The Right to be Me, Nurture through NatureNature Kindergartens and Forest Schools and Learning With Nature – Embedding Outdoor Practice

"It's that combination of the adult and the child coming together that really works effectively in nature pedagogy in this co-constructive space of learning."

                                                             —— Claire Warden, 2022 NBECEC international conference

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Rachel Larimore

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
Nature And Expressive Art for Young Children

Dr. Rachel A. Larimore is a consultant, speaker, researcher, and author, based in Michigan, U.S.A., helping early childhood educators start or grow their nature-based program. She authored Establishing a Nature-based Preschool and Preschool Beyond Walls: Blending Early Childhood Education and Nature-based Learning.

"The natural world essentially becomes another teacher and another inspiration and a tool. This is really important when we are thinking about learning with nature."

                                                         —— Rachel Larimore, 2022 NBECEC international conference

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Patty Born

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
Learn STEM in Early Nature Play

Dr. Patty Born is the faculty and program director of the Master of Arts in Education. Prior to coming to Hamline, Patty worked as the Executive Director of the National Center for STEM Elementary Education at St Catherine University.  She authored Creating Your Earth-Friendly Early Childhood Program and many other books.

"When children are in what I like to think of as their natural habitat the outdoors, they're constantly engaging in the fundamental thinking skills associated with STEM."

                                                                    —— Patty Born, 2022 NBECEC international conference

截屏2022-09-07 17.55.25.png

Angela J. Hanscom

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
Wisdom, Body and Senses - Barefoot Children

Angela Hanscom is a pediatric occupational therapist and the founder of TimberNook, which focuses on nature-centered developmental programming in New England. She is also the author of the book, Balanced & Barefoot, which discusses the effects of restricted movement and lack of outdoor playtime on overall sensory development in children.

"Play is a very important occupation for children. And outdoor play is an extremely important occupation, but one that's really at risk for children right now in ways we never imagined, and is really affecting their development."

                                                    —— Angela J. Hanscom, 2022 NBECEC international conference


Monica Lubinski

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
Foster a Calmer, More Focused Community of Learners 

Monica Wiedel-Lubinski is the founder/cofounder of three Maryland nature preschool programs and a consultant to countless others. She is the founding director of the Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools, which provides nature-based professional development for teachers and childcare providers across the East coast ( 

"Many of the social and emotional interactions that occur through nature-based learning help children become more aware and present experiencing nature in the moment."

                                         —— Monica Wiedel-Lubinski, 2022 NBECEC international conference

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Nian-Li Zhou

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
Natural Education Casts the Shining Soul of Children

Dr. Nianli Zhou works in the Department of Education, East China Normal University. She studied in Japan and is now the vice president of the Japan International Early Childhood Education Association and the director of the Health Professional Committee of China Early Childhood Education Committee.

"I think one of the ultimate goals of preschool nature education is to forge the sparkling soul of young children."

                                                              —— Nian-Li Zhou, 2022 NBECEC international conference

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Guo-Jyun Zeng

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
Nature Leads Education Back to the Essence by Another Route

Guo-Jyun Zeng is the founder and CEO of Taiwan Daohe Education Foundation, which includes experimental primary & secondary schools as well as kindergarten locates in Beijing, Taiwan Taichung, Zhubei, Zhudong, Beidaihe

"The school is outside the window, the natural landscape is the school. Education is PEOPLE educating people, not just knowledge educating people. A humble and self-explanatory teacher respects nature as THE teacher."

                                                          —— Guo-Jyun Zeng , 2022 NBECEC international conference

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Xiang Huang

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
How to create nature that children wants

Dr Huang Xiang is the director of South China Ecological Civilization Research Center, South China Normal University. He was jointly trained by Sun Yat-sen University and the University of Waterloo, Canada. He obtained his postdoctoral fellowship at the Academy of Financial Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 

"So for this reason, we suggest kindergartens should have more flowering plants. Let there be flowers all year round. And if you're a parent, you're going to grow some flowering plants at home."
                                                               —— Xiang Huang, 2022 NBECEC international conference

截屏2022-09-07 22.09.15.png

Jian Gao

2022 NBECEC Speech Title:
The Practice of Kindergarten Outdoor Design and Ecological Construction 

Jian Gao is the founder and chief designer of Friends of Nature Gaia Design Studio. He is the vice president of Alumni Council, School of Architecture and Landscape Design, Peking University. He is also a member of the Landscape Science and Beautiful China Committee, China Urban Science Association

"We learn to design from nature. When nature works on a piece of land, it reaches its own organism regulating the inner dynamic balance. This is the right state."
                                                                        —— Jian Gao, 2022 NBECEC international conference

截屏2022-09-07 17.55.53.png

Yue-er Li

2022 NBECEC Setting Story:
Build a River with Children in the School

Yue-er Li is the founder of 'Yue-er Education' and 'Beijing Yue-er Li Ba Kindergarten'. She has won the title of "Image Ambassador" of the third China International Family Education Forum, the title of "Top 100 and Top 10 Talents in China's Early Childhood Education", and the title of "Top 10 Outstanding Figures in China's Private Early Childhood Education".

"I think there are two parts to nature that belongs to children. One part is the children themselves. They are like everything else in the world. They belong entirely to nature and the universe. Another one is how we bring nature to children in an unnatural environment."
                                                                          —— Yue-er Li, 2022 NBECEC international conference

截屏2022-09-07 17.56.00.png

Bing Hao

2022 NBECEC Setting Story:
Woods Across the Road - Nature-based Waldorf Setting in Beijing

Bing Hao is the director of Xianxi Qinglan Forest Kindergarten. She is the translator of many nature education books, including Sharing Nature with Children and The Last Child in the Woods. She is the original explorer and promoter in the field of nature education in China. 

"Nature is about connecting to the whole. Daily life is about connecting with people. And art is one of the most important ways we want our children to connect with themselves."
                                                                         —— Bing Hao, 2022 NBECEC international conference

截屏2022-09-07 22.14.55.png

Ruo-Jyun Hao

2022 NBECEC Setting Story:
The Story of A Goose and Children in Our Setting

Ruo-Jyun Hao received her master's degree in Preschool education from the University College of London and is a senior principal teacher of Taiyuan Asile Ecological Kindergarten.

"The rescue of the goose makes the children feel their words are powerful, their actions can be seen. We believe when they grow up, whenever they have a person or animal they want to protect, they will not hesitate to act."
                                                                —— Ruo-Jyn Hao, 2022 NBECEC international conference

截屏2022-09-07 23.09.07.png

Jie Zhu

2022 NBECEC Setting Story:
A Preliminary Study of Our "Seed Museum"

Jie Zhu is the principal of the Longhua District Second Kindergarten, Shenzhen. She is also an inspector of the School District Governance Committee of Fucheng 1# District, Shenzhen. 

"The small area where the seeds were displayed gradually became an open, permanent seed museum and a seed playground that supports the accumulation and development of children's experiences."
                                                                              —— Jie Zhu, 2022 NBECEC international conference

Jie Zhu







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