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Walking in Nature

2nd international conference on 

Early Childhood Education and Care

2022 Nature-Based Early Childhood Education and Care
International Conference

Nature Play and Sustainable Development

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How can environmental sustainability be viewed as a broad pedagogical approach to creating environments and experiences that, on the one hand, promote young children's learning and development, and on the other hand, foster their sense of purpose in maintaining and improving their natural and social environments? How can children grow up to be responsible and responsible citizens of the planet without placing heavy environmental issues on their shoulders?

In order to deepen the discussion on these issues, the conference gathered 15 scholars and educators to answer these questions from different perspectives.

Why Join the 2022 NBECEC International Conference?

  • The speakers are highly acclaimed and accomplished academics and educators.

  • Uncover new thinking and learn new perspectives about children and nature.

  • Discover unique nature-based practices in China, UK and America.

  • Bilingual subtitles are available.

  • Watch the content at any time that suits you.

  • CPD certificate to evidence your professional development.

Who Attends the NBECEC International Conference?

The event is attended by early years educators and managers who are interested in or already bring nature into their daily practice, as well as representatives of for-profit and non-profit organizations, research institutions, and government agencies. 


Voice with leadership

How to create natural
environment that children need

How nature support children's well-being and learning

Nature-based practice
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